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The Blue Earth, from the Poles, through the Law


“There isn’t a night without a dawn.”

We the polar law scholars, like the rays of light, will
Rise again from the devastation caused by COVID-19,
Gathering physically or through online in Kobe, Japan, to re-think
Our Mother Earth, from the Poles, through the force of Law.

Polar Cooperation Research Centre of Kobe University
Will set the stage for
Academics, students, indigenous representatives and practitioners
From around the whole world to
Discuss the international law and policy challenges faced by both
The Arctic and the Antarctic.

Wholehearted welcome to the 14th Polar Law Symposium.

Akiho Shibata

Convenor, 14th Polar Law Symposium
Professor and Director, Kobe PCRC
30 May 2021

The 14th Polar Law Symposium 2021

November 21-23

Hybrid format* with physical venue at Kobe University, Japan
*TBC by the end of September.

Themes and Events

Following an entirely online 2020 symposium, Kobe PCRC will again join the Polar Law Institute (University of Akureyri, Iceland), the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law – Arctic Centre (University of Lapland, Finland), the University of the Arctic and its Arctic Law Thematic Network (Finland) to host the 14th Polar Law Symposium 2021.

Despite the continuing uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, with the agreement of the Advisory Committee, Kobe PCRC has decided to hold the conference most likely in hybrid format. The hybrid conference will consist of a limited number of in-person live events at Kobe, Japan, and several online opportunities such as online PowerPoint presentations, online live seminars broadcast through internet, online panel discussions recorded for later on-demand viewing on a dedicated website, etc. The Symposium’s format as well as a general scheme of the conference program will be finalised in late September taking into consideration the number of abstracts received and accepted as well as the participants’ preferred manner of presentation.

The 14th Polar Law Symposium is under a poetic theme of “The Blue Earth, from the Poles, through the Law”, with a healing conference theme song 瑠璃色の地球 or “The Blue Earth”link, its lyrics by Takashi Matsumoto living in Kobe and its song by a popular Japanese singer, Seiko Matsuda. The force of law and the resilience of polar law community despite the current difficulties are depicted by a Japanese calligraphy 極 meaning “the poles” or “the acmes”.

The symposium will have several focused sessions to promote discussion oriented academic conference.

  • Polar governance under the Anthropocene
  • Policy-law-science nexus in the polar regions
  • The role of laws for the people in the polar regions
  • Environmental protection and sustainable development in the polar regions
  • Challenges in ocean governance for the changing poles

Kobe PCRC is looking for several fellows, with travel bursaries and/or research grants, to assist the Planning Committee both substantively and logistically in preparing, executing, and reporting on the events undertaken under the Symposium. The details are provided in the Call for Abstracts available below.

Kobe PCRC is also hosting the 2021 Biennial Conferencelink of the Standing Committee for Humanities and Social Sciences (SC-HASS) under Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) on 18-19 November 2021. SC-HASS is a community of researchers working on diverse aspects of the humanities and social sciences as they relate to Antarctica. Please do consider submitting an abstract also to the Conference as well as visiting Kobe a few days earlier if you plan to physically attend the Symposium.

Call for Abstracts

The abstract submission portal has opened on 1 June and remain open until 2 August 2021. There will be no fee for submitting an abstract. Please ensure that you read the Call for Abstracts before submitting an abstract. Please use the model abstract format and send it in PDF through the Portal.

Call for Abstracts (PDF) Model Abstract Format (Word) Abstract Submission Portal


Registration is planned to open from the end of September 2021.
Pending final confirmation by the Convenor and the Advisory Committee, we also expect to be able to waive registration fees for both in-person and online participation in the Symposium. The in-person meetings as well as online conference website can be accessed only by the pre-registered participants.

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Convenor of the 14th Polar Law Symposium:
Akiho Shibata, Director, Kobe PCRC
Advisory Committee:
Gudmundur Alfredsson (University of Akureyri, Iceland)
Timo Koivurova (University of Lapland, Finland)
Julia Jabour (University of Tasmania, Australia)
Planning Committee:
Akiho Shibata, Chair (Kobe PCRC)
Hiroyuki Enomoto (National Institute of Polar Research)
Shin Sugiyama (Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University)
Kentaro Nishimoto (National Institute of Polar Research)
Yuko Osakada (Faculty of Law, Chukyo University)
Mami Furuhata (Kobe PCRC)
Zia Madani (Kobe PCRC from September 2021)
Osamu Inagaki (Kobe PCRC)
Gustavo Ramirez Buchheister (University of Magallanes, Chile)
Yelena Yermakova (University of Oslo, Norway)
Romain Chuffart (Durham University, United Kingdom)
Wakako Masuda (Kobe PCRC Secretariat)

For inquiries:


Hiroshi Ueta